Saturday, July 14, 2012

its been two weeks and 2 days since i've gone to work

now, i’m no fan of my job. i only do it because i’m good at it, it allows me to pretty much do whatever i want in terms of schedule, personal business, school, etc and i’ve been there forever. i really need to stop procrastinating and finish this simple fucking bachelors degree so i can get out of there to be perfectly honest. this month off to recover was such a blessing because i was feeling so claustrophobic and i was DYING to have a break.
that being said… 
i dont care how much i need to heal, i needed a break, whatever…. i’m so bored right now i could cry. i spent the first weekend having fun and prepping stuff for surgery. that week of surgery i had some complications and had to stay five days instead of two. i came home and recouped for two more days and the last few i went on some day trips to the movies, the zoo, etc because i’ve been feeling fine (though i tire easily) ITS NOT ENOUGH!! i’m bored as shit. my friends work. they have kids. they are unaware i’m even out of work (i chose to be very limited in sharing this until i process it all the way). soooo…. theres nothing to freaking do! i like being alone for the most part- but this is getting too much for even me. even the internet is boring me… i’m going crazy!! 

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