Thursday, May 17, 2012

get it together.

hello children! today's blog post may consist of run on sentences, non sensical rants and general jibber jabber. it is what it is.

first of fucking all... you are not my homie. don't you ever refer to me a "jas" in all your monkey life. 

now that we've got that out of the way, let me tell you a little secret: i don't do the other woman shit. i'm selfish, territorial and general not here to swap bodily fluids with another chick. i take great care to make sure this little need to not share is respected and while it has been violated before, it hasn't been by my doing. did i ever once go check the chick? NO! why? its none of her nevermind. HE is my issue. and HE is who will get checked, walked away from, whatever. why? because i'm a fucking grown up. 

add to this, as you've read in other blogs- i don't even have sex!! how the fuck am i fucking your fucking man or in the fucking middle of your fucking relationship with a fucking man i'm not even fucking AND.... come to think of it haven't been fucking since... since.... since... since... fucking 2003? i think that's right. if its not- fuck you, it was before you- i know that much. 

yeah, i'm cursing. i'm mad. i'm not going to be a lady right now. 

while we are on checking your man....why don't you check the foundation you built with said man? because we sure as hell are too old to be breaking into Facebook accounts to read messages. and even if you could concoct a reasonable explanation for hacking into his page- did you miss the fact he glazed right over even acknowledging your EXISTENCE? even when direct asked? you skipped right past us NOT getting together? went right to I'M the home-wrecking hussy that needs to be checked for being "foul"? noted. you're an idiot- but that's noted too. its also noted that you need to work on some trust and respect if this man is going to be your husband, sweetie. you two obviously arent ready if these type of shenanigans are going on.

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