Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well, I'm like 3? 4? ...we'll just say hella behind on update. My great apologies to those that do read this and to myself for not taking the time to follow through on what I made a priority.

First things first- my eating has been atrocious and aside from my belly dance class (that I skipped this week) I haven't done any working out. I haven't weighed myself but Im reasonably sure I've gained weight. I keep falling back into the traps of burying stressful situations under a pile of take out and junk. I really need new coping mechanisms.

Speaking on coping mechanisms, I did have 2 cigarettes after the whole cancer news with my father. I think its safe to say at this point they aren't effective to me anymore. I choked both down back to back trying to make them work for my stress again, but they just wouldn't cooperate. They just added to my frustration. All I could hear while I was smoking was his labored breathing alternating with pulling from his oxygen mask. That's not what I want for my life, I don't care how good they taste. I don't know if the random cravings will ever go away, but ignoring them is getting easier.

My credit repair goals are going along as planned- better even- as I've been able to keep it cute in the money department for the last few months and this should continue over the next few months. Not out of the woods per se, as now I have a new school related debt, but I'm in a position to get that handled quickly, as opposed to not knowing how I'm going to make it work at all.

So the quest toward a better me continues....

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