Sunday, November 6, 2011

First update of November

Its the 6th of November , so I have 56 days to get all this stuff wrapped up. A little past half way, and I'm feeling good about it. Still a few stumbling blocks like sticking to the no takeout ban- namely the McDonald's breakfast hurdle I keep tripping over.But i'm working on it. I cooked meals for the week today, so it should be a million times easier to make good choices. Oatmeal, jaz. Oat-freakin-meal.

I hit my goal of 4x a week in the gym this week. Had a small mental victory after changing my routine- my first abdominal charley horse since double sessions in high school. Not a stitch from running, an all out sieze from ab work. I don't really care if its because I was working just that hard or I'm just that out of shape in the core area- I got one. Yes, you've all told me im weird before, I got it lol. Im also starting to lose the 'pain' muscle reaction and seeing it replaced with the 'fatigue' reaction. Glad I'm moving in the right direction there, but I hope I move on quickly, its so hard to motivate myself to work through until it passes.

Now onto the bad number movement. My weight still fluctuates within the same 5-7lbs. I need to stop weighing myself, but its compulsive. I am seeing my calves coming back to life and my goal jeans go up now (still don't close lol) so I guess I'm good, but I hate that shit.

On all other fronts: no changes or already completed.

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