Monday, October 3, 2011

Wins, losses and tests...

I know im a day late, but it wouldn't be me if i did anything on time.
In ultimate win news... My mom & i went to see Diana Ross!! For 67 (any age really) this chick is still getting it in! The show lasted a little over an hour and she had 6 outfit changes. The signature hair was in full effect and in case you were unaware as to where tracee got that ass from... Diana really does have a donk- AT 67! Im so used to seeing women with stuff falling or spreading, i wasn't prepared to get booty envy from a woman old enough to be my mama (grandma if you're talking hood generation gaps lol). Anyway, she was amazing and it was so nice to share that with my mom. The ease of our relationship these days is such a blessing.

Moving onto Saturdays win- Ron. Freakin. Isley. Sure there were other acts, but my $30 was living for the love of..sorry, i get carried away sometimes lol- it was spent to see the brothers get it in and hear Ron hit that high note at 'always' of the always come back to you in 'Voyage to Atlantis'. That song is so beyond perfection there hasn't been a word created yet. (note: there is a piece i wrote to go with that song a ways back on this blog, I'll look for it and link) The rest of their set was wonderful as well. We didn't stay for maze ft frankie Beverly as I've seen them a bunch of times and the old folk funk was getting a little outrageous by then. By old folk funk i don't mean smell, but that curled lip with the ugly face that broadcasts they will be tearing up their significant others private areas as soon as they hit the parking lot( maybe sooner). Folks came out clean in their best church suits, pimp canes and 'i still got' hoochie wear. I saw enough unbridled over the hill tittyballs to know there was going be some relighting of carnal flames coming that i didn't want to be privy to lol.

Oh yeah- bobby womack came on first and while i thought i had never seen him before, i was reminded he was the one stripping on stage at the last old folk gathering. I think i put it out my mind to protect my psyche. Anyway, he was there. Seems to be recovering slowly from that heart attack- that's all im going to say on that.

In terms of tests- both events posed a challenge for me as i have for the most part avoided going anywhere or to any event i would see folks i haven't seen in years or need to look nice for as I've felt like such an ugly duckling (maybe humpty dumpty ia a better assessment) over the last few years. Well, i didn't feel like a model, but i dam sure was killing them both nights. I didn't take any pics at the legendz tour, but i felt great. I've built back up enough strength in my legs to handle the extra weight without wobbling and my strut is back. Im going to be a problem soon- can't freakin wait lol.

This last week was an ultimate fail in terms of the gym- i only made it once.Im going to go ahead and blame that on the ear infection im nursing, but its frustrating nonetheless. This week up coming should be light, but more productive and next week I'll have all the time in the world to get my sweat on as I'll be sipping fruity concoctions in the Mexican Riveria. If i can't manage 60 mins a day when my time is all my own, i need to just be fat forever because that is nothing but sheer laziness.

Now tests... I was thinking on what those were as i drove home last night and i guess it would be the lecture my doctor gave me when i went in for my ear infection- my blood pressure is too high and the fact i keep deciding i dont feel like filling the prescription she's given me 3 times is unacceptable. This time she got serious and starting listing off all the vital organs im stressing by being hard headed -heart, yeah i know. Kidneys-they hate me anyway. Eyes- WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!! Ima be blind?! Before you write me off as a silly one for not knowing that- of course you know these things- but sometimes it takes blunt honesty for you to hear these things. I don't want to live in a dark world (or a non driving one) let me get my life right.

And if i had any doubts that my body is rebelling against all the damage I've been doing- this morning it decided to remind me that i better stay the course by completely giving out on me. While sitting in class, i had another sharp drop on blood sugar- causing me to damn near collapse and then throw up- mostly in a lab sink, but partly on myself- scaring the shit out of the entire room. Score.
I havent had an attack like that in about 4 years, but I've had them over the course of my whole life. I hadn't thought about them in forever and i guess took for granted they were gone, but i guess my body needed to drive home the message that this time is for real- im out of opportunities to make a change before something life changing happens and the changes are no longer because i want to live longer but because i won't live longer if i don't.

Dear body,
I heard you. We're going to work this out.

Ps-still smoke free.

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