Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two weeks in one

Sorry i missed last week. I'll give you the scoop on the vacation a little later..but first, the business...

Great big huge fail on the weight loss...all inclusive resorts will do that to you. I ate, drank and was merry enough for two (ok three) people. By Thursday of this week i could see the difference in how clothes fit and just how round i looked in general. Add ti that the on site gym left much to ve desired. I don't need much, but a working cardio machine of any kind would have been nice. I did do alot of walking and swimming, but most of it had a drink in my hand before, during or after.
On a positive note, i am looking at my shopping list right now to be right back on track.
I also slipped and had a cigarette. Well, a puff. It was disgusting. Sadly, that will take me out of the running to hit 3 months of smoke free by Jan 1. What a waste. But hey, i made it all week with no patches (after the second one ended up floating in the pool, i gave up) and i sure as hell can make the rest of my time until 1/1 smoke free.
Finances have no updates...and what else? I think thats it.  Next week should have some wins instead of losses to report.

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