Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why wait?

Before i get into todays thought, let me just say- i should have upgraded my phone a long time ago! A blogger app? No more messing with trying yo post from a phone browser? No more not posting because the thought of pulling out my laptop after a long day is just too much? No more forgetting that great post idea? Im so in!! post-why wait?
I can't even describe how much people and their new years resolutions get on my nerves-myself included. (although i do make a point to keep them to myself lol) Overnight you're going to transform into a skinny waif type with a ghetto booty? And quit smoking? And get your credit right? And get right with God? And give up crack? AND not go crazy? Thats a rough freakin day! And when does a resolution expire? Where's the follow up? When is it safe to say you failed? The next year? Nah, thats too broad to stick too and we all know it.

This year im not doing it. We have three and a half months left until 2012. I don't even know what my resolutions were last year exactly (i could guess the basics, but you see where im going with that). This year, new years is my deadline for a few small goals. Nothing that is going to require an entire life over haul.. But enough that if i keep up the 3month deadline format for a few rotations i should be on an entirely different path. Im good with that.

In the interest of keeping me we go. My goals. Specifically. With no room for 'i kinda did that.' excuses.

°be smoke free (still). I started 9/8(again) and you all know im good for stopping/restarting every time the weather changes, so this time its a 3 month requirement to reach the goal. Guess i better not pull any of that 'just a loosie' madness.

°fit into the dark wash low rise jeans 3rd from the back of my closet. Yes, i have 3 different 'goal' jeans. This is the one im closest to making it into. Im going grocery shopping tomorrow to make my start on that goal.

°37 min 5k. In high school i could go it in my sleep under 30.That's 7 extra minutes and pushing myself to make it if i can hit that goal by January. So I've got to shave 5 minutes off a month from now on.

°get 3 current debts off my to do list. The first one is in my purse to be sent right now. I have 2 more for bills I'll be accumulating this semester. All will be gone before this year is out. Secondary to those i would like to get my credit score up 50 points. I have it set up so this is very doable if i use my current accounts wisely.

°a degree. Don't care its not the one im ultimately going for.. But its SOMETHING. I will have it!

I know I've already had a chance to get started, but i would like you to do this with me. Take the next few weeks and lay the ground work. October 1 is d-day... Folks on the move!!

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