Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seriously God?

Im dying. No, for real.. My head is about to explode, sending pieces of matter all about my not nearly clean enough to be discovered in apartment.
I can't talk because my throat is swollen and it gives me a headache to try. Im breaking out in sweats, nose is running and overall Im miserable....  But i have no temperature, so there is nothing i can do about it.
I gulped down about a half a bottle of nyquil last night at 9 and went into a vix coma until morning. On  the wakeup i had that "oh i feel so much better!" moment -the one that tricks you into thinking everything cool-until you move and midget resume bashing you in the face with 2x4s again.
God, do you realize Im going to see Diana freaking Ross this evening?!? That i have a dress ready to go that i didn't cry upon trying on?!! Do you remember that the isleys are coming THIS weekend!?! I haven't been really truly ill in a few  years and i get sick now!!!

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