Wednesday, May 18, 2011

silly girl, you are just being sensitive

i do talk alot of mess, but honestly it takes alot to really piss me off. or at least piss me off enough for me to care 10 minutes later. insulting my intelligence because you don't want to admit that you might of crossed a line (or just stop crossing it) is by far the easiest way to really piss me off..

so a long time friend tells me he had a dream about me.

*sigh* really?

i'm not 12, i'm aware that if a man tells a woman they had a dream about them without immediately telling you that you were doing a specific, non-sexual action, it is more than likely an attempt to see how far they can take it. call me oversensitive.. fine. i can only go by what i've experienced.
anyway, i quickly changed that subject and kept on with my day. but this friend wanted to go back to it- now i'm a chicken for not wanting to know.

*sigh* really?

ok, whats it about? "oh, i have to tell you via another communication because its private". ok. private aka inappropriate and we can end the convo because i dont want to know something like that from a friend. friend i've never had any sort of sexual relationship, tension or even overture with or from. a friend who is married. even more, a friend i see almost daily and just dont want that discomfort with. this response makes me sensitive. he was "just playing" and theres no need for me to take offense.

*sigh* really?

alright, one mo gin... my bad, whats the dream about? can you check your fb private messages?

hell no. fuck that, i'll be sensitive for no reason and you'll be an asshole for no reason. cool?

lets move on now..

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