Thursday, May 26, 2011

letter to your sibling (or closest relative)

O & Imp,
As I find it pretty close to impossible to write this to just one of you- congrats, you both win.

First and foremost, thank you both for providing me with each and every single permanent scar on my body. Be it from being used as a guinea pig for stunts, running from black bears or chasing eachother around the house with steak knives, intent of severing a major artery- you two taught me to be quick on my feet and ready to defend myself at all times. Having you (and minimal electronic entertainment) allowed me to develop a very active imagination and dream bigger than the world would allow (we won't tell mom it also allowed for quite a few near ER visits).

Having you through all the things we hated and loved about ossian, st marys, the mustangs & chestnut was honestly the only thing made it ok and funny- even when it wasn't supposed to be.

O- thank you for being the greatest example of a truly good man for your sisters & your sons despite having to figure it out on your own. And thank you for starting the wild animal bucket list. I will finish it if it kills me.
Imp- thank you for growing into an amazing woman with impeccable planning skill despite my horrible example lol. One day I WILL get the hang of extreme couponing & have my own closet full of toilet paper.

I wish we had a closer relationship now, but I love how things pick up and go right back to normal the moment we start talking. I was a little worried I would lose that with you, O, & never get to that point with you, Imp. And I know I bitch about having to be the ONLY one to ever travel...but I get it. It still pisses me off & you better start doing it when I have the same reasons, but I get it lol.

I love you both.

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