Monday, May 30, 2011

letter to my internet friends

Dear Favorite Internet Friend,
Yet again, I can't really write this to one person. There are six fools in my email everyday & to value one random jokester over another would be unfair. Now that I think about it, 3 of them are real life folk now, but as our regular communication is online, they win anyway.

While people will look at me sideways for taking my breaks at 30 min intervals to read email on my phone, it is a worthy use of time when it comes to these folks. They have ruined all that is pure, reverent and sacred about every topic under the sun. In our e-world, Prince is the reigning king of life, pandas are a sign on sexual deviance, pirates are real & some Canadian woman named Kim is our hero at least once a week.

While there have been quite a few line up changes over the years and I came in at the end of the usual suspects heyday, the current setup keeps me in danger of losing my job from laughing so hard pretty much on a daily basis- not to mention all the shoes links they have ruined my bank account with. I wouldn't be able to take my job with out them.

So thank you, blog homies, for making WAR EAGLE, *unsubscribe*, Maybe? & this is work related a part of my daily vernacular. I look forward to many more productive hours wasted with you all.

Love from southern Canada,
P, J, Ja(z)s, holder of clean curtains, etc...

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