Sunday, May 29, 2011

letter to my ex

Dear Ex,
I sat for a long time this morning thinking about what I wanted to say to you in this letter. Would I focus on the times where you made me feel like the most beautiful, amazing and lucky woman on earth? Or should I go off and rage about all the evil ways we ended and all the lies I found out about after the fact?

In the end, while I appreciate the good times we had, writing this letter about them seemed false. But putting energy into rehashing all the things that ended 'us' feels like a waste of energy. Sure, there are times that my mind will wander back and I still have anger towards the situation, to the signs I would have seen had I had a bit more maturity and been a better judge of character. But I've told you all that. There's nothing new or any grand epiphanies that writing this letter would bring.

So I will simply say 'Its over." Whatever love or pain I experienced- I learned from it. As I look at your life now, sadly you haven't. Its still everyone else's fault. I hope one day that you will & it makes you a stronger man for your kids, yourself and whomever you decide to have a new relationship with. I'm tired of feeling broken behind it. And somewhere along the way- I did heal. I just didn't realize it until I had to write this to you today.

God speed & God bless,

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