Tuesday, May 24, 2011

letter to my crush

dear crush,
i'm sorry i really don't know who you are at the moment. given that a man with the traits i value is not on the immediate horizon and there doesn't seem to be one with the traits i don't value but a skrong back peeking out either- i guess we will focus this letter to my more abstract crush of the moment.

kelly. freakin. rowland.

do you remember that episode of cheers where woody writes & composes a song for his fiance? (kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, kelly, k-e-l-l-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) well that song is all that ran through my head as i saw this vision of amazingness on the billboard awards white carpet. you all know i don't "do" chicks in real life, but i find nothing wrong with appreciating with God puts beautiful on the earth, and that's exactly what she is. skin- flawless, smile- confident, curves- bought or not, very nice, and wearing the HELL out of a herve leger bandage dress. she is giving me ALL my life in this picture. she is giving exactly what i aspire to be able to give more often- self assurance.

kudos, miss rowland. you most certainly are giving me some motivation.

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