Friday, October 8, 2010

the road to hell is paved with hypocrisy

just a short entry today, but this was too long for twitter. i find it absolutely hilarious how people will scream from the hills that "x" is horrible, "y" is of satan and "z" will be the downfall of all time... but openly partake in mind numbing amounts of "w". really? its all the same thing.
for example...
......if i eat a cookie, a hershey kiss or a piece of non-sugar free gum-the world will END.... while you eat a bag a cheetos? bitch what?
......if i have a glass of wine, its a crime against Jesus himself (nevermind the as a Catholic- i drink in church & as an adult, i'm aware of moderation)... but you can all but OD on painkillers? bitch who?
......if i have a down day or need a minute to be my quiet self, i'm being selfish and depressive for no reason...while you never asked what could be the reason, nor do you really have one yourself- but you pontificate on your demise every other week? bitch please!

its not a regular occurrence for all this contradictory bullshit to surround me- but when it does, its at full force from all angles and today i'm at that level. that shut. theee. crispy. charred. hell. UP! level... we all do things that may or may not be in our best interests, but at the end of that day you can be no more than a positive cheerleader to those in your life making decisions you dont agree with. forcing what you think other people should do onto the them is just going to piss you off when they dont take your advice and piss them off because you feel the need to share.

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