Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 minutes of frustration

What is the worst thing in the world for a person like me? Being ignored.

Not in the larger sense, as I'm a huge fan of sitting in the background and just watching what goes on around me. but in the "I'm right here telling you something and you act like I'm not" sense.

People seem to be of the mindset that I'm not a big girl that can't handle certain things. In reality- I'm the biggest fan of the truth ever. Don't leave me dangling because you are too... I'm sure you would say nice or careful of my feelings, but I will be blunt and say you are just simply too busy punking out. Its really simple to be honest with your feelings with me- there rarely is an argument, or even a discussion to follow. If that's how you feel, I have to accept it even if i feel differently about the subject. It may sting, I may be hurt for a minute- but I'll respect you more for it. And the longer you take to address something, knowing full well that it's an issue, the worse it becomes. Because then it starts to become something that doesn't need to be talked about anymore, you are just an asshole. While I am friends with a few assholes and they are fun people, they are rarely anyone I take seriously or bother really investing in.

So if you are wondering why I'm short with you at times or I seem to shut down on you when you talk about unrelated things, now you know. You are on the one way path to asshole-ville because I'm tired of telling you shit you ignore. Hey, I tried.

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