Saturday, March 13, 2010

just let me please you

Just let me do I as I wish
Take in every part of you
Actions unplanned and over executed
Tasting the simplicities of your skin with each kiss
Savoring every curve and bend between my lips
The glide of my tongue tracing places unseen
Allowing your senses steer me on cue.
Just let me please you.

I want to feel your body tense as balance you try to keep
As water becomes the secondary provider of steam
Every ridge of every valley awakens
My hair sliding through your fingers
Your grip tightens and the pull slows, then lingers
Breathing held for longer than anticipated
Thought falls away as eyes hold a mischievous gleam.
Just let me please you.

If cleanliness is next to godliness
Then I’m kneeling to pray for your eternal soul
Evangelical in my craving to cast out the demon
Venturing deeper, the rhythm coaxes slow with gently plies
Wearing my desire for all of you on the length of my thighs
Blessed cloak of shadows taking you to the ends of your wits
Given, never lost, your sense of control.
Just let me please you.

©jasmîne gabrielle

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