Monday, January 4, 2010

like you'll never see me again.....

Every time we wake in each others arms
Morning light accentuating the others charms
The sins of the night before disappear, even if only for a moment in passing
Though be both know that feeling wont be lasting
Continuous cycle in which we sit trapped
Powerless to let go, yet still not able to move past
Killing a piece of each other a little more each day
Unable to just let today be the time to say
The final embrace, that last time the others arms to feel
Actually admit the poison we inject and be free to heal
Every time I kiss you I wait to hear you say you're leaving
That you are finally are ready to take the space we both have been needing
Not that I’m ready for you to be gone
But because I’m not strong enough to make a decision that strong
Years of knowing the other is making life hell
Waiting for the moment that will never come for the toll of the final bell
A knock out, a decision no matter
Anything, as long as it means the start of some peace, something better
Loving each other too much to let the other simply go live
Hating each other too much to hand over what the other needs us to give
Loving more than power exists to make ourselves whole
Hating more than will allows to act on what we know
It’s so over there are no longer words that can describe how fucked up we are
No longer an apology that can make up for the emotional bruises or mental scars
So tonight, while I have the strength to say the words
I’m going to hold you like a lover does, kiss you like it’s not a curse
Make love to you like I know it’s the last
And in the morning, instead of greeting you like we never had a tumultuous past
I will leave you like one of us should have done long ago
And find myself the love we were never able to accept or show.

(this is old, circa 2007 i think, but i came across it and thought i would share)

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