Tuesday, October 13, 2009

writers block

you have no idea how badly i need to get something out tonight. anything. no particular reason, i just feel backed up and i cant start it off.. you know when things just sound cliched and cheesy? that's why i don't write happy or otherwise good feeling poetry, so much easier when you are ranting, it just flows. but tonight, i'm not in the mood to rant.

so.... i haiku. why? i dont freaking know! i'm just .. stuck! lol

they dont flow together, they arent supposed to...

Too cold to sleep.
In need of a nice hard dick.
No options present. SHIT!

Need to write tonight.
Get a few things off my mind.
Can’t start a story line.

My toes hate the cold
Wooly socks make me feel old
Don’t care if I’m square

Dark paths lead to risk
Shadows lurking hold secrets
Neither will tell of.

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