Friday, September 4, 2009

teacher friend mother

How do you define a teacher?
A lover of life with a need to show
To teach many things they never knew they wanted to know
One who gains expansion of self by helping others grow
Someone who smiles always when you see her
Causing the far recesses of the most closed mind to stir.

How do you define a friend?
A keeper of secrets with no expectations
To take your pain away they can see no limitations
Hold you tighter in life’s trials, and cheer hardest during your celebrations
Someone who is always there with a loving touch to lend
Whose presence is so unshakable you can’t imagine life without them.

How do define a mother?
A champion for all that you could ever do, be or conceive
If given the opportunity, your side she would never leave
But who loved you enough to forever trust and believe
That you would grow into an individual like no other
Allowing you to be who you are, while instilling the best that is in her.

How do you define a love all encompassing?
A woman able to be all these things to the people she sees
Yet still be the center of the universe for a select three
Able to balance all the world has ever asked her to do, act or be
For all of our days the holder of that was ever missing
In memories, in life, in lessons, all the best things
Quite simply, a blessing.

© 2009 jasmîne gabrielle

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