Friday, September 4, 2009

i love who i love

There is nothing in my power I would deny you
And that which is just past my grasp, I will aspire to
I don’t need a list- just a passing mention, a subtle clue
It’s in my nature to help, to assist to make right
It makes me happy to that shoulder to lean on when you can no longer fight.
To remind you that the brightest days only come after the darkest nights
I do what I do because I love who I love

I have run myself to the ends of my earth for your needs time after time
Giving you comfort, even when it meant sacrificing mine
And if given the choice to do again, time I would not rewind
It fills me with delight to see the chain reaction
How my choice may fill others with action
That my love will inspire others to continue passing
I do what I do because I love who I love

My love for you has shown my that true generosity is never left unseen
In fact, for many it becomes expected- part of their routine
And that’s when I question the purity in motive and what your love for me really means
I share my blessings because I know you would do the same
But when I looked to you, the support never came
Confused, I wondered are you unable, unwilling or is my trust in you insane?
I do what I do because I love who I love

Am I asking too much to be thought about in kind
For the thoughts of aid to be not only mine
For a mutual want of the others success to be a tie that binds
Or should I just accept that not everyone is capable of extending a hand
That some connections are meant to blow away like grains of sand
But I refuse to give up, this is what makes me stronger, solidifies where is stand
I do what I do because I love who I love

© 2009 jasmine gabrielle

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