Friday, July 3, 2009

voyage to atlantis- the isley brothers

"I'll Always Come Back To You"

I can’t explain why or how
The love never dies
Why I’m laying here next to you now
But it’s the sound of your voice
Deep and low, at my soul it pries
And it’s the memories in your eyes
That leave me no choice

I’ll always come back to you
Nothing and no one can understand me the way you do
No need to define
I never have to hide me, bare nothing but my souls truth
It’s the way you just know
Hold me the way I need, let your strength replace mine
The kind of love that seems ordered, even divine.
It just is… no need for a show

I’ll always come back to you
I think I miss you more than your dreams can grasp
During those times we part ways
Others just place holders to the love I can’t forget
Present, but never touching inside
Filling my nights, just passing my days
Until you come back and remind me I am the sun to your rays
And it’s my heart yours sleeps beside

I’ll always come back to you

©2009 jasmine gabrielle

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