Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Wanna Be Loved - Nancy Wilson

I want to feel you in ways that the body can’t imagine
To know that when you look at me
You see perfection
I want the kind of love that makes eyes sparkle like that of a child
To know that there is awe left in the world
And that it lives in his smile
I want to be wrapped up in safety as my mother did when it rained too hard
And know that nothing can touch me
As long as you stand guard
I want my soul to overflow with the kind of love that God felt when he made the trees
To know what it’s like to feel you in my bones
To get that tickle in my elbow, the flutter in my knees
I want to get flashbacks of your kisses in the middle of my day for no reason
To know that you are my only
The new black for every season
I want to be loved in ways that can only be explained by divine intervention
To know God made you for me
To finally find the one from whose rib I am an extension
I want to be loved.

©2009 jasmine gabrielle

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