Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Song Cry- Jay Z

this is an old one.. but got favorable reviews. enjoy!

As you walk the path of life, understand that though it may throw you
It may make you wonder why the thing that hurts the worst has turned out to be true
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.
There will be times that you don’t know when the clouds will part
And if you have enough strength to once again go back to start
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.
When family is the solace you yearn for more than all of your life’s years
Know that love is there and the universe has numbered both of your tears
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.
On the nights that you dance with the stars and sip from the cup of life
Commit that time to memory to get you through the times of strife
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.
The moment of that next first kiss when you can feel the whole world at you feet
Cherish the emotion wrapped up in that skip in your heart beat
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.
Embrace the children in your life harder when they smile
Carry that love onto the time in your life when you are blessed with your own child
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.
And the moments that you are not quite sure that the decisions you have made are proper
Know that Allah has blessed you with both the sweet and the sour
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.
Your strength is endless, your love is timeless, and your worth is limitless
Your blessings are bountiful, your heart is faithful and your spirit is unbreakable
It never ends.
Life is funny like that.

© 2008 jasmine gabrielle

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I Wanna Be Loved - Nancy Wilson

I want to feel you in ways that the body can’t imagine
To know that when you look at me
You see perfection
I want the kind of love that makes eyes sparkle like that of a child
To know that there is awe left in the world
And that it lives in his smile
I want to be wrapped up in safety as my mother did when it rained too hard
And know that nothing can touch me
As long as you stand guard
I want my soul to overflow with the kind of love that God felt when he made the trees
To know what it’s like to feel you in my bones
To get that tickle in my elbow, the flutter in my knees
I want to get flashbacks of your kisses in the middle of my day for no reason
To know that you are my only
The new black for every season
I want to be loved in ways that can only be explained by divine intervention
To know God made you for me
To finally find the one from whose rib I am an extension
I want to be loved.

©2009 jasmine gabrielle

Friday, July 3, 2009

voyage to atlantis- the isley brothers

"I'll Always Come Back To You"

I can’t explain why or how
The love never dies
Why I’m laying here next to you now
But it’s the sound of your voice
Deep and low, at my soul it pries
And it’s the memories in your eyes
That leave me no choice

I’ll always come back to you
Nothing and no one can understand me the way you do
No need to define
I never have to hide me, bare nothing but my souls truth
It’s the way you just know
Hold me the way I need, let your strength replace mine
The kind of love that seems ordered, even divine.
It just is… no need for a show

I’ll always come back to you
I think I miss you more than your dreams can grasp
During those times we part ways
Others just place holders to the love I can’t forget
Present, but never touching inside
Filling my nights, just passing my days
Until you come back and remind me I am the sun to your rays
And it’s my heart yours sleeps beside

I’ll always come back to you

©2009 jasmine gabrielle

Thursday, July 2, 2009

what is this?!

hello everyone...
this is going to be my place to hold myself accountable for staying with my craft and attempting to get better. please feel free to leave your feedback- good, bad or ugly.

the current 'project' in making myself comfortable with writing for any emotion whether i'm actually dealing with it or not is to pick one old school song a day and force myself to write in that emotion. please leave me your suggestions and i will do my best to keep up.. and if no one is reading.. i'll be doing it anyway.. one day someone will read it lol

and while we are going over ground rules.. reposting anything without linking back or as your own work isnt cool, dont do it.