Saturday, February 28, 2009

homework: krush groove

ok... so it took me a while to watch more off my 'required if i want to keep my black card' list... but the fact that the next season of the sopranos isnt ready yet means that i'm back on it.. krush groove. same format as before, random thoughts as i watch
~awwww... look at blairs lil young, verile ass. no matter the age, that dude got it
~we packin bundt cakes for lunch now?
~i'm not going to ask who is who, but you guys already know much past run dmc, i'm lost.
~ok, i'm about to me sick! i cant watch dissections. operations ok, but dissections- no.
~yeah, that never happened in my high school. ever. not even close.
~"russell? that big dummy!" LOL
~is that really thier dad? he looks like them?
~the hell is this lil ol lady steez?
~am i sensing a deal with the devil?
~*sigh* bored
~was that my uncle L?
~ok, shiela doin her thing. you got that.
~ok ok now i'm back on board.
~ohhhh ralphie!!
~ohhh, thats so sad. pride is a sin
~so is gluttony. and i know they arent running after eatin all that.
~ok, i've been traumatized by the pink bikini's
~homie with the shoulders need to not handcuff. hate is so unattractive lol
~i've been trying to figure this out the whole movie- its that the chick from the practice?
~hey hey! those are the jheri curls that were terrorizing kid n play in house party!
~now how did all of you get away with all these sex scenes in these movies? i KNOW your parents weren't havin it, so you were sneak freaks. thats why you all sex deviants now! lol touching. and they all lived happily ever after
ok, so not a waste of time (unlike another unnamed production with a lackluster 'glow') i see why people call its a classic. more than likely wont be on my classic list, but again- more because i'm not in 198_ watching it in awe. cool lil flick tho.
over and out..

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