Sunday, January 25, 2009

on my mind...

why these things were on my mind, i couldnt tell you.. but whatever, i gotta get them off my chest because.. yeah, i dont know the answer to that either...moving on...
~i want another tattoo.. hmm... my neck? my forehead? tramp stamp? BWAAHHH ok no on all that and there is no other cool place i dont have one already, so i guess i'm not getting one...
~i have listened to candyman 'knockin the boots' at least 20 times in a row tonight.. and i'm still jammin.. *sigh* i'm so simple lol
~does it signfy a problem if you came home today and said to yourself "self, dinner isnt happening.. drink this here alcoholic libation and call it a day"
~NONE of the streams for the game are working. this is some bullshit!
~i need to stay the hell off twitter, i'm on it entirely too much
~i wonder if i could commit to 2 hours a day... hmm.. food for thought..
~i had a dream omar was walkin around my apartment in hot pink fishnets and an eagles jersey askin about wee-bay... thoughts?
~ bscott is my dude. seriously.
~sissynobby gives me low self esteem. why mine dont move like that?
~why do i never have to pee until i'm comfortable?
~ 6 voicemails.. have people not learned i dont listen to them yet?
~thinking i might ask someone out to dinner next saturday. are girls allowed to do that? ah well.. probably going to do it anyway...
~i LIKE doing for others.. i just dont understand why others think that because i like it, that its not nice to be done for as well.
~ too many people are inherently selfish and try to pass it off as focused. not to say they arent, but that doesnt excuse lack of a larger world view
~ everytime i read the news, i get depressed. this is the world you want me to bring MORE lives into?
~i'm about ready for winter to be over
~ i havent gotten in my seven laughs for the day yet- i think i'm at 5... must find 2 more. make that 4.. extra credit is always good
~ still listening to candyman
~i should watch that movie tonight, but it actually DOES scare me.. why must i love it so much lol?

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