Sunday, December 21, 2008

winter blues

ok, now i know that i made a promise to self to stay da HELL out my blog until i could come in here with something positive to contribute to the world... how-mfing-ever... i just have to purge right quick, so later for all that....

well, i'm still on my 'get it together' kick and i must say, its going quite well..ive been quiet about it because no one want to hear about what you 'gonna' do.. so, i will stay off of that topic aside from saying: its a work in progress and progress is happening.

now onto the 'blues' part of the day....well its not all blues, but some of it had to be said

~starting off on a good note: i miss being a kid! even if it was only for a little while today and the snow wasnt cooperating with being snowballed- i had a good time. round two is tomorrow and i hope to get it poppin for real for real then...

~ITS COLD LIKE WHOA.. and i dont understand how i live in a city at 43N latitude and they want to act like snow removal is not in the budget. thats not cute, traction control or not

~now i am working on my penchance for being a touch 'attitudinal' regarding certian behavior, but people seem hell bent to not leave me in my "young ron yee cho" sense of calm. now you know my shoes are like children to me. dont bother them, and i wont bother you... so why.. WHY? did this man just pick up my shoe and play like he was nuttin all over it- sound effects and all? really? REALLY? see... people get bodied for less and your nasty ass really tryin my patience. then want to look at me like "i was just playin" FIRST OF ALL.. you dont play with my shoes SECOND.. sound effects like you are having a mastabatory expirence are NOT at all considered playing my book. drop my knee length, quilted back, tread enfused black leather boot before i am forced to call the ex that i dont want to call over your bullshit, but i will over my fuckin shoe. your ass didnt want to play like that when he was around, dont think that you can play with me like that now, you nasty bastard. now you done made me take it back to "they STILL gonna fuck you up" like this is poetic justice.
bitch bastards...

~why tracey morgan like 4'3''? i know, i know.. all the 'celebs' are short, but damn it man- my nipple is on your forehead. and while we on body parts.. are you like, 40 and in the club with your dress exposing not just the cuff- but your WHOLE ass?! and for tracey morgan? i'ma need you to get your i'm too old to be a groupie life together expiditiously. and knock off coogi is NOT whats hot in the streets

~ok, ok sexual chocolate with the arms like 'whoa' (yes, that is what i call him and i refuse to refer to him as anything else lol) you, my dear sweet man are going to need to keep drinking henny like its water. because as long as you do, i'm more than capable of maintaining good girl status with little effort because that henny smell is arghh. thank you for leaving the listerine in the car and no, you cant have any gum. you still sexy though LOL

~now you know i will not change my number due to family reasons, but damn it, some days, i have to wonder if that is really in my best interests... did i really get a text message from a dude i was dating (read: DATING, not sleeping with) prior to the last TWO exs at 1am asking me if i wanted company after the club? really? seriously? you hit the number for the wrong one, patna. even if the nana WAS taking applications, you couldnt even get an interview with that mess.. keep it pushin, pimpin.

ok, i'm going to take my "1 apple martini, 2 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of sangria and 7 jello shots and STILL not feelin a got damn thing because of the fuckkery that is DA ROC" behind to sleep... holla on the flip side


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