Saturday, December 6, 2008

voice of the 529

*now playing: numba 1 (tide is high) by kardinal offishall

(dont want to lose you from the start)

I'm Mr. Kardinal, voice to the people
Black Jays family, verses arevlethal
I dont have time for the play play
She a good chick yo but I'm married to the game
Married to the fame
Related to the paper
Tryin to get my name put up on a skyscraper

so.... its like that??

the only question i have for you: if your word is your bond and your bond is only as strong as post-it note glue, why bother with empty declarations? just do you and i'll cheer from the sidelines..ok, maybe the stands... well, i'll at least catch it on sportcenter and THAT is a promise you can actually count on..

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