Sunday, November 30, 2008


how do you trust when everything up to now
has taught you that its a matter of when, not why or how
before the ones that you put yourself out there for
will show you they value what they can get from you more
than what you are made of, what makes you smile
and all the lessons you were taught as a child
the golden rule, that your word is all that matters
yet time and time again, the most valient attempts shatter
and you try again, hoping this time will be different
hoping that the little things wont add up to your detriment
attempting to let the occasional rasing of your brow
not discredit entirely the one you want to allow
into that place thats been hidden from sight
for longer than you care to bring to light
striving to forget that baby that came during your tenure
the exs that werent really no longer a factor
when a dollar carried more power than your heart
and from the childish ways he was not yet able to part
but you try and try to ignore when every fiber is telling you no
hoping that the curtian call will be different in the matinee show
but it seems impossible to find a reason to give him credence
not yet sure if its my spin due to events in past tense
or that your really are just full of shit

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