Friday, November 7, 2008

make up assignment 2

so if you pay attention, you know i'm behind on some of my 80s classics.. well they couldnt have been too good if i;ve made it this far in life without seeing them.. but i digress...

first up while i gather the other stuff (my 'assignment' was beat street, krush groove, last dragon)

sweet wonder- damn i guess i need to be young to get this.. cute.. but eh... at least i'm vicki 2.0 and not harriett 2.0. thank god for small favors. speaking on harriett, wasnt that the little girl in troop beverly hills? i used to love that movie..

ok, onto main event for tonight... last dragon, oh, excuse me, barry gordy's the last dragon (one thousand pardons, naj lol)
~wow. this really is totally 80s.. those clothes, that hair.. wait.. wait.. wtf?!? sho'nuff? nucca WHAT?!? LMAO! this is some mess! beatin up on lil kids and shit.

~and bruce leroy know he need to get the hell out of the front row with that big ass hat

~cropped tank tops? HELLZ NAH! and how does EVERYONE up in there know kung fu?

~i think sho'nuff or sho'gun or whatever has low self esteem. people with a postive self image dont need to show off like that. thye got mo sense than that (shouts to cec lol)

~DEBARGE!! they know thye need to get it with those curls and that skinny mustache! and VANITY!!

~ok.. now i'm bored...

~who is this spaztastic white boy talkin about fighting without know how to fight? lol

~"kiss my converse" LMAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
" sting bean rick james lookin fooo!" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO x2

~why does this little boy have leather pants on? and the totally 80s OG strut lol.. oh shit its RUDY!!! and the lil boy school people ..S? lol

~who is this bugged out, bootleg cindy lauper? stillettos with roller skates on them? thats kinda hot lol

~are they line dancing in chinatown? THIS is the shit you guys were all so amped for me to see? lord.........

~i'm about tired of this mans shoulder pads...and someone get that man some moisturizer and a hot comb, DAMN!

~da hell are these shiny hologram things on her bra? ah yes... the 80s.. where if it doesnt make sense its whats hot in the streets..

~bored again......where is this glow everyone keeps talking about?

*time passes, jaz yawns*
15 minutes left and still no glow....

~yes jaeda, i must have had to be there.. because i'm feeling like i want the last hour plus of my life back

OH SHIT WE HAVE GLOW! but how the man with the shoulder pads get the glow? thats fucked up. poor lil leroy getting his ASS WHUPPED!!!

ut ohhh..... he glowin he glowin he glowin!!!!! amazing.. now can we just have good triumph over evil so this mess can end? he caught the bullet.. amzing x4

final summation... classic? you guys are just going to have to keep your classics, because this was some bull... but let me not shit on your childhoods...

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